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Sunnundalu / Urad Daal Laddus

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its delicious and spicy cuisine. In particular the sweets of A.P are worth relishing. Sunnundalu i.e the laddus made of urad daal are one of the popular sweets of Andhra Pradesh. It is easy to make, tasty to eat and good for health.

This is one of my favorites sweets and I enjoy preparing the sweet with powdered sugar and with jaggery. I do it in a simple way and it has good shelf life.


The basic ingredients for the sweet is whole or split skinless black gram i.e urad daal (minapappu), powdered sugar or jaggery, half cup ghee, cardamom (elaichi) powder and very little water. 


    This is how I prepare sunnandalu at home as and when required. 
    • Take 1 measure of black gram and dry roast it on simmer till it gets dark brown in color. Do not let it turn black. On cooling, grind it to fine powder. Even slightly coarse powder is okay for making these laddus. You can grind it to either fine powder or slightly coarse as per your liking.
    • Add almost equal measure (or slightly less) powdered sugar or grated jaggery to the powder. You can add sugar or jaggery as per your taste. Add little elaichi powder to the mix and blend it well. 
    • Heat ghee in a pan. Keep adding little by little ghee and keep blending the mix. You can add ghee, till you feel it sticky so that it can be easily made into round shaped laddus.
    • Take little mix in your hand and make it into small round ball. If you are not able to make laddus properly, you can sprinkle very little water and then try making laddus. Do not pour much water but just sprinkle. 
    • Delicious sunnundalu are ready to taste. These will remain tasty for a week.
    As the main ingredient for making the sweet is urad dal /  black gram, if you are keen on knowing about the health benefits of urad dal, you can find it here.

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