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Bhavamulona Baahyamunandunu

This composition of Saint Annamayya is in Suddha Dhanyasi raagam and is in Aadi taalam.  In a nutshell, the song describes the omnipresence and omniscience of Lord Vishnu, hence recite His name.

Aarohana: Sa Ga2 Ma1 Pa Ne2 Pa Sa
Avarohana: Sa Ne2 Pa Ma1 Ga2 Sa

Bhaavamulona Baahyamunandunu
Govinda Govinda ani Koluvavo Manasa - 2

Charanam 1
Hari Avataramule Akhila Devatalu
Harilonive Brahmmadammbulu
Hari Naamamule Anni Mantramulu
Hari Hari Hari Hari Hari yanavo Manasa

Charanam 2
Vishnuni Mahimale Vihita Karmamulu
Vishnuni Pogadedi Vedammbulu
Vishnudokkade Viswantaratmudu
Vishnuvu Vishnuvani Vedakavo Manasa

Charanam 3
Achytuditade Adiyunantyamu
Achytude Asuraantakudu
Achytudu Sree Venkatadri Midanide
Achyuta Achyuta Sarananavo Manasa

Listen the melodious voice of Nitya Santoshini

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