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How To Make Appadala Pindi

Appadaala pindi is one of the famous food item of Andhra Pradesh. This is a side dish mostly taken along with rice just as kandi podi. You can even make a dough of this powder and make appadaala pindi rotte or chapati with the dough which can be much relished.


  • One fourth Kg split black gram (minapappu / urad daal)
  • 100 gm red chill powder
  • little asafoetida
  • One and a half cup vegetable oil
  • salt to taste


  1. Fry urad daal without oil in a pan for a minute just to get it warm
  2. Grind the daal to a smooth powder.
  3. Take into the bowl and add red chilli powder, asafoetida and salt to it
  4. Add water to this and blend it into a rough dough.
  5. Knead the dough thoroughly and keep adding little oil each time while kneading
  6. Keep kneading well until all the oil absorbed.
  7. The dough can be as it is along with sambar and rice
  8. It can be rolled into a roti and fried on a pan with little oil

Health benefits of black gram / urad dal

As the main ingredient in this powder is black gram, let's look into the health benefits of this important pulse. Black gram is one of the important pulses that is widely used in the Indian recipes particularly in the South Indian Veg recipes. This pulse is the main ingredient for the famous breakfasts like idlis and dosas. The pulse is also used in making the snack items like papad, vada, murukku (chakli) and is also used for seasoning in many curry items and for making chutneys as well.

The whole and split varieties of black gram are available and it is also available with skin and without skin. The health benefits of this pulse are many. Being a pulse, urad dal is rich in proteins and hence it helps in body-building. Besides protein, it contains considerable amounts of fats and carbohydrates as well. Due to the rich protein and fat content, the pulse is widely used by the Indian vegetarians particularly in the South to need the body requirements of protein and fat.

In addition to these nutrients, the pulse also contains considerable proportions of minerals like iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and also Vitamin B complex. Thus regular intake of the pulse helps in providing the body requirement of of vitamins and minerals. Due to the presence of Vitamin B complex, iron and folic acid, the pulse is considered good for a healthy hair growth.

Due to the iron source, regular consumption of this pulse helps in increasing the hemoglobin percentage in the blood and thus replenishes the blood. Thus consumption of black gram would be beneficial for people suffering from anemia particularly women who are greatly affected by anemic condition.

Urad dal is also rich in dietary fiber which helps in easy digestion of food and also helps in easy bowel movement. In addition to improving digestion, the magnesium present in the pulse helps in preventing any kind of the damage caused to the artery walls which in turn helps in improving blood circulation. On the whole urad dal helps in improving the health of the heart.

However, over consumption of any food item leads to related health problems and people need to consume it as per the body requirement.

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