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How To Overcome Exam Fear?

Are you a student appearing an exam and having a fear for exam? Go through the following simple yet easy tips on how to overcome exam fear. Hope it would be helpful to you.
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Well, the very thought of exams makes you sick and causes unpleasant physical conditions in you. You feel nervous, spend sleepless nights, your stress levels shoot up, your tension is on the increase, you feel nausea and get a vomiting sensation.

All these conditions are quite common among the exam writing children. Such physical conditions crop up during the exam time and you find it difficult to concentrate on your studies. When your concentration is lost, gradually you develop a fear psychology towards exams.

Under such conditions of your mind, negative thoughts crop up and eventually your confidence levels go down. This results in low self esteem (feeling low of yourself). To avoid such a phobia for exam and come out in flying colors, follow these simple and easy techniques.

Simple techniques on how how to overcome exam fear

  1. Develop a positive attitude / approach towards exams. Try to understand that exams are the methods of testing your knowledge acquired so far. It is a method to know how far you have learnt the subject/s and your understanding of the subject/s. So don't feel exams as a punishment.
  2. Know the fact that exams are a step towards progress / development in your life. So, when you want to progress and develop in life, then why to be scared of exams. Instead you should appear your exams with enthusiasm as you will be moving ahead.
  3. In case you don't get good score and fail in the exam, do not feel ashamed of yourself. Try to understand the fact that you are not the only one who failed in the exams. There are many who failed in the exams in the past and in the present. Try to tune your mind in such a way that it is just a part of life. Take your failure as a challenge and try to fair well in your next attempt.
  4. Keep yourself involved and engaged in group discussions before the exams. Keep talking to your friends and family members. By doing so you can let out your anxiety and feel tension-free.
  5. Do allow negative thoughts to crop up in your mind. In case you get such thoughts, channelize those thoughts into positive by continuous self-monitoring of your mind.
  6. Keep yourself engaged for some time in activities of your interest. Go out for a light stroll / walk particularly in a park so that your mind gets relaxed in the lap of nature and gets refreshed.
  7. Think of your positives and successes and try to develop confidence. Believe in yourself. But beware - don't become over-confident as this is good for nothing. Keep tuning your brain that you can do it.
  8. Take healthy and nutritious home-made food and avoid taking fast foods and soft drinks
  9. Have enough sleep every day for at least 8-9 hours.
  10. Always avoid last minute reading as this makes you more worried and tensed.
  11. Plan your studies well ahead and set a time-table for your studies.
  12. Try to manage your time in the right way.
  13. Try to understand the concept of the lesson you are preparing for the exam instead of blindly learning the lesson by heart.
  14. Hav e faith in God and remember that He is the Ultimate deciding factor. So do your best and leave the rest to Him. Pray Him regularly
  15. Finally be honest and sincere for achieving success in the exams
In case you don't do your exam well, keep in mind that you are not going to lose anything in your life except for one academic year of your studies. And also don't feel ashamed in case you get poor marks in a subject. Remember that getting less marks doesn't mean that you are poor in your studies but there are several reasons for your poor performance in the exam. So try to come out of such a low feeling of yourself and try to concentrate on other subjects in the exam. Do not develop hatred for the exams, this will make you more afraid of the exams.

Hope these techniques would be helpful to you in overcoming the exam fear in you.

Wish you all the very best for your exams!

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