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How To Improve Your English Communication Skills?

English is a universal language spoken in many countries across the world. In the present world, it has become a 'must' to learn English speaking. When your English speaking is good, you will have fair chances of getting global placements. You don't feel an alien in a foreign land when you happen to visit these lands.

Following are some important tips to improve your English communication skills:

Tips to improve communication skills

  • Delete the words 'I can't speak fluent English' from your mind. Such a feeling itself is a big hindrance for improving your communication skills.
  • Though, you are not good in English speaking, do not feel low of yourself, but keep speaking in English with the people in your immediate circle. This is sure to help you in gradually improving your verbal skills.
  • You cannot achieve anything overnight but things do happen over a period of time.
  • You are not a native of English speaking country and it is not your language. Inititally you make mistakes while speaking. Do not give up speaking in English.
  • Never hesitate to speak in English even if people in your circle make fun of your speaking
  • The more you speak in English the more you will improve your communication skills.
  • Most important to note. Always carry a pocket dictory or these days many English dictory apps are available on the smartphones. If you have one, download one good English dictory app. Keep using / referring the dictionary as and when required. Referring dictionary is one of the best ways of improving knowledge in English language.
  • While speaking in English, speak slowly and with confidence. Speaking slowly will help you in getting time to think of words / sentences that you are going to speak. Recollect the role of Shashi played in Sridevi in English Vinglish. The way she spoke slowly but confidently.
  • Accent and pronunciation of words is an important thing in speaking English. Pick the typical English accent and the way the words are pronounced. There are various sources available these days other than news readers. Carefully listen to the pronunciation / accent from these sources and try to pick it up. For e.g, in India, people from each region have a typical accent and way of pronouncing words. Try to discard it and pick up the correct way of pronouncing words.
  • Speak slowly and at the same time do not fumble while speaking. In case you fumble, try to avoid it by using words like 'hmm'...., 'actually'.. , 'well'.. , 'you know..' and other such words. This would be helpful to you in gaining time to think of words that you are going to speak.
  • Keep practicing and you are sure to pick up your communications skills in English over a period of time. Be patient until then. Do not get vexed and give it up in the mid-way.
  • Book-reading is one of the best ways of improving communication skills. Keep reading English books, novels, magazines, newsletters and newspapers.
  • Along with book-reading, writing skills in English is also helpful in improving communication skills. So, keep reading books and at the same time keep writing something or the other. When you improve your writing skills, this will surely help you in improving your verbal skills.
  • If still you are not confident with you English speaking, you can join one of the English-speaking classes.
  • Keep attending workshops and seminars.
    >br />Give a patient hearing to the speakers and observe how the presenters are speaking.
  • One important thing to keep in mind. Avoid translating words /sentences from your mother tongue to English while you speak. By doing so you will be making too many grammatical mistakes while speaking.
  • Lastly do not have a low self esteem of yourself. Be / think positive. Keep tuning your mind that you can do it.

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