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Sunrise View from Balcony

 I love spending some time early in the morning in my east-facing balcony. I love watching the sunrise, the fluttering of pigeons and other small beautiful birds. It's so cool and clear. At times, I click the pics and preserve / share my feelings and thoughts in my blog posts.
Find here some from pics posted in my balcony view.

Few days back as I was enjoying mother nature in my balcony, the partly cloudy sky sudden turned reddish orange when Sun slowly starting emerging out from the colorful cloudy sky. I liked the view very much and took few pics.

Reddish sky at sunrise
Another day early morning while I was having a walk in my long balcony. I felt strange on seeing the reddish sky and reddish orange Sun rising from behind the buildings.

On another morning Sun was hidden in the cloudy clouds and I could see the rays from behind the clouds.

I liked it so much that I took few pics of the early morning sunrise.

Sun rays dispersed in all directions in the above pic.  Sunrise on another cloudy morning.

Click and enjoy viewing rainbow from my balcony.

Spending some time in my balcony early in the morning is so refreshing and revitalizing.



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