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Varieties of Pulihora

Mango Pulihora / Mamidikaaya Pulihora

  • Prepare pulihora as usual but with little less tamarind as it becomes too sour on using raw mangoes. 
  • Take one small raw  mango which is sour
  • Peel off the skin and cut it into very fine small pieces.
  • Mix these pieces into pulihora
  • And relish mamidikaya pulihora

Lemon Pulihora / Nimmakaya Pulihora

  • Prepare pulihora without tamarind
  • Now one small juicy lemon and squeeze the juice into pulihora
  • Mix it well

Grapefruit / Dabbakaya Pulihora

  • Prepare pulihora without tamarind
  • Take half a grapefruit and squeeze the juice into pulihora
  • Mix it well

Sesame / Nuvvulu Pulihora

  • Prepare pulihora as usual 
  • Prepare nuvvulu podi / sesame powder and mix it with the pulihora

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