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Names of 27 stars as per Vedic astrology

As per Vedic Astrology there are a total of 27 nakshatras stars and these are divided into 12 zodiac signs / raasis. The 12 months in the Hindu calender derived their names from 12 of these stars.
  1. Aswini - relates to Aswayuja Masam
  2. Bharani
  3. Krithika - relates to Kartika Masam 
  4. Rohini
  5. Mrugasira - relates to Margasira Masam
  6. Arudra
  7. Punarvasu
  8. Pushyami - relates to Pushya Masam
  9. Ashlesha
  10. Makha - relates to Magha Masam
  11. Pubba
  12. Uttara
  13. Hasta
  14. Chitta / Chitra - relates to Chaitra Masam
  15. Swati
  16. Visakha - relates to Vaisakha Masam
  17. Anuradha
  18. Jyestha - relates to Jyestha Masam 
  19. Moola
  20. Poorvashaada - relates to Aashada Masam
  21. Uttarashaada
  22. Sravana - relates to Sravana Masam
  23. Dhanista
  24. Satabhisham
  25. Poorvabhaadra - relates to Bhadrapada Masam
  26. Uttarabhaadra
  27. Revati 

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