NCERT Notes: Social Science - Class 7 History Lesson 3 The Delhi Sultans

  1. In which century Delhi became an important city?
    Ans. 12th century

  2. Which rulers made Delhi the first capital of their kingdom?
    Ans. Tomara Rajputs

  3. To which dynasty did the Tomaras belong?

  4. Rajputs

  5. Name the important ruler of the Tomara Rajputs?
    Ans. Ananga Pala

  6. During which period Ananga Pala ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1130 - 1145 CE

  7. Who defeated the Tomara Rajputs in the middle of the 12th century?
    Ans. Chauhans (also referred to as Chahamanas) of Ajmer.

  8. During which period the Chauhans ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1165 - 1192 CE

  9. Who was the important Chauhan ruler?
    Ans. Prithviraj Chauhan

  10. During which period Prithviraj Chauhan ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1175 - 1192 CE

  11. Under whom did Delhi become an important commercial centre?
    Ans. Tomaras and Chauhans.

  12. What were the coins minted n Delhi, called?
    Ans. Dehliwal

  13. Under whom did Delhi transform into a capital that controlled vast areas of subcontinent?
    Ans. Delhi Sultanate

  14. During which period the early Turkish rulers ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1206 to 1290 CE

  15. Name the early Turkish rulers.
    • Qutbuddin Aybak
    • Shamsuddin Iltutmish
    • Raziyya
    • Ghiyasuddin Balban

  16. During which period Khalji dynasty ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1290 to 1320 CE

  17. Name the two rulers of Khalji dynasty.
    Ans. Jalaluddin Khalji and Alauddin Khalji

  18. During which period the Tughlaq dynasty ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1320 to 1414 CE

  19. Name the important rulers of the Tughlaq dynasty.
    • Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
    • Muhammad Tughlaq
    • Firuz Shah Tughlaq

  20. To which dynasty Khizr Khan belonged?
    Ans. Sayyid dynasty

  21. During which period the Sayyid dynasty ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1414 - 1451

  22. During which period Lodhi dynasty ruled over Delhi?
    Ans. 1451 to 1526 CE

  23. Name the ruler of the Lodhi dynasty.
    Ans. Bahlul Lodhi

  24. Which language was administered under Delhi Sultans?
    Ans. Persian