Science Quiz - General Science Quiz for All Competitive Exams

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  1. The soil used for making pots and toys

  2. Day and night on Earth are caused due to the

  3. You weight on Moon will be ___________ of your weight on Earth.

  4. Objects that give light are called

  5. The straigt lines along which light rays travel are called

  6. Sun and 8 planets together form the

  7. The force of attraction of Earth is called

  8. Soil is formed from breaking up of

  9. The rotten parts of dead plants and animals found in the soil is called

  10. The process of changing of food into simpler form is called

  11. The gas that supports burning

  12. Sense organs are connected to the brain through

  13. The process by which water changes into water vapour is called

  14. A shadow is formed when a / an _________ object blocks the path of light.

  15. Earth's shadow falls on the moon during _________ eclipse.

  16. There are ______ bones in human body.

  17. The tiny pores present on the surface of the leaf are called

  18. The green pigment present in the chloroplast is called

  19. During photosynthesis ___________ energy is converted into chemical energy.

  20. Living organisms like green plants that make their own food from inorganic substances are called