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  1. The complex tissue in plants that conduct water and minerals

  2. The movement in plants in response to external stimuli is called

  3. The process by which plants remove water from their body in the form of water vapour is called

  4. The minute opening presen on the surface of the leaf through which exchange of gases takes place is called

  5. A group of cells performing a specific function is called

  6. The movement of plant parts in response to touch is called

  7. The connective tissue that binds the muscles to the bones are called

  8. The association of two different organisms in which both get benefitted, is known as

  9. Organisms that derive their food from the dead and decaying matter are called

  10. The complex tissue in plants that conducts food is called

  11. The movement of plant parts towards light is called

  12. The thick walled simple permanent tissue consisting of dead cells in plants is called

  13. Organisms that derive their food from the living body of another organism (host body), are called

  14. The functional units of kidneys are

  15. The prominent spherical body present in the cells that controls all the activities of the cell

  16. The interaction of the biotic community with the abiotic components is called

  17. Bile juice is secreted by

  18. The act of moving the entire body from one place to another is called

  19. The place where two or more bones meet is called a

  20. The joint that allows the movement in one direction only