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Science Quiz For Primary Class

1.Which of the following is not required by green plants for preparing their own food?

a) Fire
b) Sunlight
c) Air
d) Water

2. Which organ helps the fish to breathe?
a) Nose
b) Lungs
c) Gills
d) Air holes

3. Plants breathe through ______ present on the under surface of their leaves
a) Gills
b) Lungs
c) Air tubes
d) Stomata

4. Which of the following cannot make its own food?
a) Mango tree
b) Mushroom
c) Money plant
d) Maple tree

5. Which of the following is an egg-laying animal?
a) Monkey
b) Snake
c) Rat
d) Donkey

6. Which of the following has a tap root?
a) Wheat
b) Paddy
c) Onion
d) Mustard

7. Which of the following is not a function of the root?
a) Carry water to all parts of the plant
b) Absorb water and minerals from the soil
c) Store extra food
d) Fix the plant to the soil

8. In which of the following plants food is stored in the roots?
a) Papaya
b) Carrot
c) Apple
d) Strawberry

9. What is the name of the star that appears in the northern sky at night?
a) Evening star
b) Pole Star
c) Light star
d) North Star

10. Which of the following is at the centre of our solar system?
a) Moon
b) Earth
c) Meteor
d) Sun

11. Which of the following is not a herbivore (grass-eating)?
a) Bear
b) Horse
c) Goat
d) Rabbit

12. What are flesh-eating animals called?
a) Omnivores
b) Herbivores
c) Insectivores
d) Carnivores

13. Which of the following sucks blood from the bodies of other animals?
a) Butterfly
b) Leech
c) Housefly
d) Grasshopper

14. Which part of the plant carries food from the leaves to different parts of the plant?
a) Flower
b) Root
c) Stem
d) Fruit