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Quiz On States And Languages Of India

1.  In which schedule of the Constitution of India are languages listed?
a.  IX (9th)
b.  VIII (8th)
c.  VI (6th)
d.  VII (7th)

2.  How many languages are listed in the VIII schedule of the Constitution of India?
a.  22
b.  24
c.  26
d.  28

3.  Which of the following are the official languages of India?
a.  Hindi and Telugu
b.  Hindi and Gujarati
c.  Hindi and EnglishSrinagar
d.  Hindi and Tamil

4.  In which of the following state of India Bodo language is spoken?
a.  Assam
b.  Nagaland
c.  West Bengal
d.  Tripura

5.  Konkani is the official language of
a.  Karnataka
b.  Tamil Nadu
c.  Kerala
d.  Goa

6.  In which of the following states of India is Khandeshi language spoken?
a.  Gujarat
b.  Rajasthan
c.  Maharashtra
d.  Madhya Pradesh

7.  In which script Hindi is written?
a.  Brahmi
b. Gupta
c.  Devanagari
d.  Nagari