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A blind date with Cresta in Randburg, SA for an unforgettable enriching experience

A decade back I got the opportunity to travel to London on an official trip. It was my first international flight experience and many questions cropped up in my mind like "Can I stay in a place with much of cultural difference?", "Will I get the typical South Indian stuff here?" and many more. Keeping all those fears asides, I thought why not #SayYestotheworld.

The trip was planned in a short span of time and on reaching London, I accepted everything with an open mind. In fact, I felt in love with London with old yet fresh metropolitan city.

Few years later,  I had a blind date with Cresta in Randburg, South Africa. A sudden and unplanned trip to a completely unknown place. I had never heard of either Cresta or Randburg. However, I had read about South Africa - the southernmost country in the Southern Hemisphere in the African continent. And being an Indian, South Africa reminds us of Mahatma Gandhi where he raised his voice against apartheid.

I was more thrilled to experience the weather in the Southern Hemisphere i.e experiencing winter in May and summer in December which is a reverse of my home country India that lies in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cresta is a completely unknown place with a completely different culture and race. The trip was a sudden and unplanned one. I was trying to control my emotions and was motivating myself as I had already gained the experience of mingling with the people of different culture. There was the thrill of travelling to an unknown place, so I had to accept everything with an open mind for an enriching.
It would be an unnerving experience for those who are used to planned trips. However, travelling involves meaningful connections and unexpected / new discoveries.

About Cresta

Cresta is a residential suburb of Randburg and is well known Cresta Shopping Centre which is one of the biggest malls of the continent. It lies north to Johannesburg and is easily accessible. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. A majority of South Africans are musical people and they enjoy playing musical instruments.

After few days stay in South Africa, I got slowly adapted to the life and started exploring the place. We had visited some of the places like Gold Reef City near Johannesburg,
a city tour of Durban,
Sun City
The rich flora and fauna and thrilling African Safari of Lion Park,
and Kruger,
the beauty of Mother Nature at Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost tip of African continent
Table Mountain in Cape Town
and the view of Lion's Head Sea Point from the Table Mountain
gave me a feeling that I had rediscovered my blind love for the world.

After exploring and rediscovering the beautiful world, I thought,  had I said NO to the #blind list without an open mind, I wouldn't have got this wonderful opportunity of exploring the incredible and everlasting beauty of Mother Nature / Mother Earth which enriches one's mind, body and soul.

Watch this video and you are sure to say that yes one lifetime of an individual is not enough to see all the beauties of Mother Earth. She has abundant of it.

Each and every travel experience reveals incredible beauty of the world and it gives the travelers an opportunity of experiencing something new at every step / turn.

Mother Earth is our most beautiful and wonderful home with beautiful people all around. So, let's keep exploring her incredible beauty because travel is the secret of happiness.


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