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Visit to Adventure Aquarium in Philadelphia in winter

It was a bright winter morning on a weekend during our stay in Philadelphia, so we planned a visit to Adventure Aquarium. Actually the aquarium is in Camden in New Jersey just across the river bridge from Philly (Philadelphia).
The evening view of the shoreline from the aquarium is beautiful. Visitors spend some time at this place enjoying the beautiful view of the river bridge and the shoreline.
We drove all the way from King of Prussia, PA to 1 Riverside Drive, Camden, NJ, of course with
GPS (navigation). As it was winter relatively there were less visitors and we could easily get tickets across the counter. The price of ticket per person is around $28 and for children between the age of 2 to 12, it is around $20.

Though we took the map, frankly speaking we did go according to the map but just walked inside and watched whatever we find interesting. There are different exhibits in the aquarium and Hippo Haven is one of the biggest attractions. Here, there are two huge hippos in glass enclosure, swimming along with fishes in their natural habitat, enjoy eating whole cabbage and lettuce. Visitors enjoy watching the acts of hippo through the thick transparent glass.
Visitors spent some time at this exhibit gazing at the hippos and taking clicks. We too enjoyed the hippo in the haven. There were few touch tanks where the kids enjoyed putting their hands in the waters and few touching the aqua creatures.
I don't exactly remember the sequential order of the exhibits, but we almost visited all the exhibits. After visiting few exhibits, we entered into the 40 feet tunnel in the shark realm exhibit. It's quite enjoyable when the visitors find themselves completely surrounded by 100s of ocean / sea creatures.
That was a wonderful experience. While going round different exhibits we could peep into the ocean / sea life and have a look at creatures like jelly fish,
sea horse,
 stingray, sea anemones
 and many more.
After getting round the exhibits, we walked to the penguin island. There are good number of cute penguins in this zone.
As it was Christmas time, there was a beautiful big Christmas tree decorated in the aquarium.
After spending some time watching the cute penguins, we walked to the zone where the aquarium feeders are feeding the seals in an open tank.
Like the dolphins in the  dolphin show at National Aquarium at Baltimore, the seals too were very obedient and acted to the orders of their masters. That was pretty good to see the seals enjoying the sunny day and playing with the balls / throwing disc etc.

The aquarium is open from 10 a.m to 5 p.m on all the days. A visit to this wonderful aquarium is a worth.