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Visit to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ.

Adventure Aquarium is located on Camden Waterfront at 1 Riverside, Camden, NJ and is close to downtown Philadelphia, PA.
From the aquarium, visitors can have a beautiful view of the Benjamin Franklin bridge and 
a beautiful view of the shoreline at Riverfront.
The aquarium features more than 8,500 species of aquatic creatures and is the home to largest collection of sharks on the east coast of America. It is the only home of great hammerhead shark in the U.S and the only aquarium in the world to exhibit hippos. 

There are different exhibits in the aquarium include Penguin Park, 3D Theatre, Caribbean Currents, Creature Feature, Hippo Haven, Kids Zone, Little Blue Beach, Ocean Realm, Piranha Falls, Sea Turtle Cove, Shark Bridge, Shark Realm, Stingray Beach Club, Jules Verne, The Grotto and Touch a Shark.

Hippo Haven is one of the biggest attractions. There are two huge hippos in glass enclosure that swim along with the fishes in their natural habitat and enjoy eating whole cabbage and lettuce. While the visitors enjoy watching the acts of hippo through the thick transparent glass.
Stingray Beach Club is yet another heavily crowded exhibit where visitors get the chance of feeding the friendly stingrays in the touch tanks.
Shark Realm is another exhibit where visitors enter into a 40 feet tunnel and find themselves completely surrounded by fierce ocean creatures. Around 20 sharks and 200 sea animals live in this exhibit.
It would be a wonderful experience for the visitors getting surrounded by the fierce ocean creatures. At the Jules Verne exhibit visitors can see the jelly fish and giant octopus.
Sea horse which is one of the most delicate marine creature can be seen in the Caribbean Currents exhibit.
And a variety of stingrays can be seen in the Stingray Beach Club. 
 and many more.
After getting round the exhibits, visitors can walk to the penguin island to see a good number of cute penguins in this zone.
During Christmas time, visitors can see a beautiful big decorated Christmas tree in the aquarium.
From the penguin island visitors can spend time watching the seal feeding by aquarium staff, in an open tank.
Seals are cute ones and are very obedient. They act to the orders of their masters. Visitors love to see the seals enjoying the sunny day and playing with the balls / throwing disc etc.

The aquarium is open from 10 a.m to 5 p.m / 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m during winter (subject to change) on all the days. A visit to this wonderful aquarium is a worth.

During our visit to this wonderful aquarium in December 2011, we had a wonderful time at this place.