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A visit to Omkareshwara Temple in Madikeri, Coorg.

Madikeri or Mercara is the headquarters of Coorg district also known as Kodagu. Madikeri which is located in the lap of Mother Nature in the Western ghats of Karnataka, is popularly known as the Scotland of India.

This is one of the best hill stations to visit in the summer month of May for a cool vacation. There is no dearth for exploring the treasures of Mother Nature in this small yet beautiful hill station with good number of the interesting places to visit.

Omkareshwara temple is one of the Hindu temples of the local deity Omkareshwara. This is a Shiva temple that was constructed in the 19th century. This is unique in its structure and attracts good number of tourists.
The moment visitors step into the premises, they will be awed to see the architecture. Though this is a Hindu temple, it is built in a typical Islamic style. It is mentioned that the temple is a fine blend of Gothic style of architecture and traditional Islamic Dome with four minarets in the four corners of the temple.

History says that Lingarajendra II who was a Kodagu ruler in the early 19th century, constructed the temple in 1820 CE (Current Era). There is a story related to the temple which states that the King killed an innocent Brahmin who happen to oppose the misdeeds of the King. After death, the innocent Brahmin turned into a revengeful spirit and started troubling the King.

The troubled King consulted learned / wise men of his kingdom to get rid of the revengeful spirit. As per their advise, the King brought special Lingam from Kasi (Varanasi) and installed it in the place where he killed the Brahmin. It is said that the spirit stopped troubling him. The Shivalingam is worshiped as Omkareshwara.

The temple remains open for devotees from 6.30 a.m to 12 noon and from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. There is a pushkarini i.e temple water tank with a mandapam at the middle of the tank.

It was really a good experience to visit such a unique temple structure which represents a perfect example of communal harmony.

Many tourists after offering their prayers to Lord Omkareshwara at this unique temple, visit the famous Abbi Falls / Abbey Falls to spend time amidst nature and then in the evening they visit the most famous attraction i.e the Raja's Seat where they will have a pleasant evening.


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