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A visit to Mukteswar and Kedar Gauri Temples in Bhubaneswar

During our Golden Triangle tour to Odisha, we visited the ancient Mukteswar temple in Bhubaneswar. We spent some time enjoying and of course admiring the awesome architecture of the temple. The finesse of sculpting work of the ancient artisans is noteworthy at this temple.
In the morning, we took an auto-rickshaw from Master Canteen square, near Bhubaneswar Railway Station and went to Mukteswar temple. This is a temple complex where there are the temples of Siddheswar and Mukteswar. On the other side the temple complex is the temple of Kedar Gauri.

This is a wonderful place for a good relaxation and for a peace of mind as the temple is not crowded unlike other famous temples in Bhubaneswar. Though the temple is in the heart of the city, yet there is no hustle bustle but there is calmness all around. We spent some time in this temple keenly looking at the fineness with which the ancient Odisha artisans carved / sculpted the structures. We couldn't stop ourselves appreciating the ancient artisans for their perfect sculpting work.
The architecture of Mukteswar temple is considered as the 'Gem of Odishan temple architecture. The arch entrance of the temple is the main attraction.
You can just go inside the temple and offer your prayer to Mukteswar and Siddheswar - different forms of Lord Shiva. No temple priests inside, I think they perform the daily pooja and relax.
The temple architecture of Mukteswar temple marks the end of the early phase of Odishan temple architecture. In the same temple premises is the Siddheswar temple and a row of small temples of various gods / goddesses like Ganga, Yamuna etc.
This is one of the best places in Bhubaneswar where you can spend some time and have peace of mind in this stressful world. During our visit to the temple, there were very view visitors most of whom are non-locals, taking snaps of the beautiful architecture of the temple.
This is one of the must-visit temples in Bhubaneswar for the architecture-lovers.