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Science Quiz for Secondary Class - Part 1

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1.  The method of rearing honey-bees is called
a.   Sericulture
b.  Apiculture
c.  Pisciculture
d.  Aquaculture

2.  What are Tuna and Cod?
a.   Fresh water fishes
b.   Marine fishes
c.   Disease-causing germs
d.  Tissues in the human body

3.  Which of the following are rich in Vitamin D?
a.   Cod liver oils
b.   Sunflower oils
c.   Groundnut oils
d.   Rice Bran oils

4.  The rearing of birds like chicken, fowl and ducks for eggs and meat is referred as
a.   Farming
b.  Ornitho-culture
c.  Poultry
d.  Breeding

5.  Egg shell is made up of
a.  Sodium chloride
b.  Sodium carbonate
c.  Calcium chloride
d.  Calcium carbonate

6.  Which of the following devices is used to test the quality of milk?
a.   Lactometer
b.  Speedometer
c.  Thermometer
d.  Radiometer

7.  Which is the common diseases suffered by milch animals (cows and buffaloes)?
a.   Chickenganiya
b.   Bird flu
c.   Foot and mouth
d.   None of the above

8.  The removal of crop after maturity is called
a.  Tilling
b.  Weeding
c.  Harvesting
d.  Ploughing

9.  The crops grown during June-October based on south-western monsoon are called
a.  Rabi crops
b.  Kharif crops
c.  Both a and b above
d.  None of the above

10.  The process of leaving the field uncultivated is called
a.   Land filling
b.  Fallowing
c.  Tilling
d.  Weeding

11. Which of the following is a non-communicable disease?
a.  Diabetes
b.  Chicken-pox
c.  Cholera
d.  Influenza

12.  Which of the following disease is caused by virus?
a.  Tuberculosis (TB)
b.  Cholera
c.  Typhoid
d.  Chicken-pox

13. Which of the following is an intestinal disorder?
a.  Diarrhea
b. Conjectivitis
c.  Rabies
d.  None of above

14. The full form of ORS is
a.  Out Right Solution
b.  Oral Rehydration Solution
c.  Oral Regular Saline
d.  Organ Removal Solution

15.  Which of the following disease is also known as hydrophobia?
a.  TB
b.  Cholera
c.  Rabies
d.  Chicken-pox