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Experience of Viewing London and River Thames from London Eye

Well, it was a cold yet bright morning on a weekend in the month of December. We (I and my husband) hurriedly had some food and walked to Kilburn Tube Station from Hotel Marriott, the hotel where we stayed during our official trip to London.

We took the tube (train) to Westminister. So far to my remembrance, I think we took tube bound to Embankment Station. We just waited for a while and there the tube towards Embankment Station smoothly halted and the doors opened by automated system.

I was a bit scared a tightly held my husband. Together we boarded the train and within seconds, the doors were closed and the train moved swiftly and smoothly. It was a wonderful experience moving in the underground tube.
Tube train
We got down at Embankment Tube Station and from here we walked on the roads for a while. We captured few pictures of Big Ben (Clock Tower) and the House of Parliament. It was a bright yet cold day.
Big Ben (Clock Tower)
From here, I think, we again took the tube bound to Waterloo Station. As ours was an unplanned trip, we had no idea about the route to proceed to London Eye. We walked all the way following the signs and reached the South Bank of River Thames.  It was December and the weather was chill. By the time we reached London Eye, it was cloudy.

And there it is - London Eye. We captured few pics from a distance.
London Eye as viewed from a distance
Oof! It was drizzling and I started shivering with cold, though I had worn my coat. We walked towards the ticket counter at County Hall which is located next to the London Eye. As we had some time to get into the Passenger Capsule, we strolled for a while, clicked few pics. As always I got attracted towards a gift shop and had some purchases. As it was time to leave, made our way towards the passenger capsule. Luckily, there was not much of standing in lines and we got into one of the capsules. Altogether there are 32 passenger capsules and the passengers are taken in complete safety in these capsules.

Here, I would like to give some info on London Eye. This is an iconic structure of London and is one of the must-see places of London. It is an ultra-modern structure i.e a giant Ferris wheel with high tech construction. It is also known as the Millennium Wheel and is owned / run by the British Airways (now as per an agreement, this is known as Coca Cola London Eye).  The Wheel is 450 feet tall (135 metres). It takes 30 minutes for the Wheel to complete one round i.e revolution.  

London Eye is the  world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel.

When we went close to the Wheel, we were awestruck on seeing the perfect man-made gigantic structure. It was afternoon time and there was no long line. Soon we stepped into the capsule along with few other co-visitors. The capsule door was closed and the wheel moved slowly unlike the fast moving giant wheels. 

Well, I forgot to mention one thing. Being a South Indian pure vegetarian, we had to adjust with the food in London. I was like near fasting for us as we just had some bread, chips, fruits and soft drink.

We were inside the capsule that was slowly moving up and I was too excited to view London and River Thames from a height. All the visitors including started clicking from different angles. There was a caution 'Do not lean on the door'. Slowly the passenger capsule moved up and up and up.
Top of London Eye
And there it is on the topmost point of London eye. Wow! It was awesome viewing London and River Thames from such a great height. I was so thrilled that for a while I just forgot everything and was wondering "where am I"?

That's it. Slowly the capsule started rolling down and down and down. And there, I clicked the picture of West Minister Abbey, Big Ben (clock tower) and River Thames. By the time we reached the ground the drizzle stopped, though it was cloudy.
View of Big Ben and River Thames
from London Eye
The capsule touched the ground level and we all stepped out. From here we proceed towards Tower Bridge (London Bridge) and walked on the walkway of Tower Bridge. By the time, it was slowly getting dark as it was winter. We walked to Embankment Tube Station and we hardly waited for few minutes for the tube.

Ufff! we were damn tired with the long walks in winter. We relaxed for a while in the tube (train) and by the time we reached our destination, it was dark.

That was in fact a wonderful and memorable experience viewing London and River Thames from the London Eye. 


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