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An unforgettable short visit to London

Let me take you on a virtual trip to our visit to London - one of the most dream destinations in the world.

Our visas got approved and we had very short time for backpacking our stuff. The first thing was to book a ticket in one of the international flights. After googling for a while, we could do it with Jet Airways. That's done.

Finally, it was the day of our flight and we boarded the flight bound to London. The flight took off from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad at the scheduled time . We eased ourselves for a comfortable flight journey. It was around 8 a.m GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) when we landed at London. After clearing all the formalities we walked out.

Oh my God! it was so chill and cloudy weather. It was the month of November. We took a cab and proceeded to Hotel Marriott at Maida Vale, the hotel where we booked our accommodation.
Entrance of Hotel Marriott in London -
The hotel where we stayed.
Ah! what a relief on reaching the hotel room. We spent the whole day relaxing in the room. Hmm! it was a jet lag. In our itinerary, we had only few places of our interest to visit. It was Change of Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, London Eye, Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, House of Parliament and Big Ben.

It was a weekend. We walked all the way to Kilburn Tube Station from Hotel Marriott and boarded the tube (train), so far I can remember, it was in Victoria Line.
Tube arriving at the Tube Station
I was awestruck on seeing the well maintained tube stations and swiftness of the tubes. We got down at Green Park Tube Station and walked to Buckingham Palace (Official Residence of The Queen and the Administrative Headquarters of the reigning Monarch of United Kingdom). It was bright winter day and by the time we reached the location, it was heavily crowded with visitors to watch the Changing of Guards ceremonial event at 11.30 a.m. On seeing the magnificent Buckingham Palace, the nursery rhyme 'Pussy cat pussy cat where had you been' flashed in my mind. We moved for a while and captured few locations in our cam.

I think it was around 11 a.m and the troop arrived with the band. I am used to seeing the pictures of the guards in red uniform but I was surprised to see them in grey uniform. Don't know the reason.
Troop moving with band
Finally, we watched the entire event of Change of Guard at the Buckingham Palace. I felt it as a memorable event in my life. We had some food in thee nearby cafeteria, proceeded towards the tube station and boarded the tube, I think, bound to Charring Cross tube station.

Our next visit was to the iconic structure of London Bridge i.e Tower Bridge. It was cloudy by the time we reached the spot. Ah! what a magnificent structure on River Thames! Instantly, the nursery rhymes I learnt during my school days, came to my thoughts and I recapped these. "London Bridge is falling down",

Spent some time clicking few snaps in the location. Slowly the weather turned cloudy and it started drizzling - a typical London climate.
Captured London Bridge in my cam
with the clouds behind.
It was getting darker, so we got back to the room, had a sound sleep as we were damn tired with all the long walks. Next day, we just walked on the nearby streets of London and had some shopping. We purchased few chocolates for our friends and relatives and some gift items too.

Next in our plan was going to London Eye, Westminister, Big Ben and Madam Tussaud's Wax museum. After breakfast, we took the tube to Embankment Station from Kilburn. First we wanted to view Big Ben and the House of Parliament experience. So we walked all the way in the bright yet chill weather. I felt like a dream come true while walking on the roads of London. I took few snaps while walking all the way. 
Clock Tower - Big Ben
It was already noon, so we had some food in the nearby restaurant and took the tube, I think, to Waterloo Station. We had no idea of the route, however we could walk to London Eye with the help of signs all the way. And there we captured the Giant Ferris Wheel from a distance.
Captured London Eye in my cam
from a distance
Oops!, it was cloudy by the time we reached London Eye and it started drizzling. We proceeded to the ticket counter, got the tickets and as there were no long lines, we easily boarded the passenger capsule. Slowly we were taken to a height of 450 feet above the ground level and had a wonderful thrilling experience of viewing Big Ben, House of Parliament, Westminister Abbey, River Thames and other structures from such a great height. It took 30 minutes and after a memorable experience we got down from the capsule. 

It was around 3.30 - 4.00 p.m. We slowly walked on the Tower Bridge (London Bridge) and I enjoyed the walk in the drizzle.
Walking on the Tower Bridge / London Bridge
We proceeded to the tube station and got into the tube to Kilburn tube station. On getting down at Kilburn, we walked back to Hotel Marriott. Ufff! it was so tiresome with all those long walks. We had our super and had a sound sleep. After a refreshing night sleep we wanted to spend some time walking on the roads. We dropped our plan of visiting Madam Tussaud's museum due to time constraint. On the way, I loved taking the pics of pigeons and geese on the lonely roads on a cloudy day.
Pigeons on the road
We were to leave the next day early in the morning. So, we didn't dare to go out for sight-seeing. We came back to our room, packed up everything and went to sleep early. The next day at around 4.30 a.m, we check-out, took a cab and reached Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport. After spending some time in the Heathrew Airport, taking clicks, sipping hot cup of coffee at Starbucks, we boarded the flight bound to Hyderabad. We were back home with full of memories of our short trip to London.


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