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Basic GK for primary class children

Hello! dear little ones, here is some fun activity for you. Read the general knowledge questions and try to answer by choosing the correct option. Now, click on the 'answer' button to find out whether you answered correctly or not. Don't worry, if your is answer wrong but just enjoy the game. It helps you to learn better. Here you go:
  1. Which is the National Game of India?
  2. (a) Cricket    (b) Kabbadi    (c) Hockey    (d) Kho-kho

  3. Name the National Fruit of our country (India)?
  4. (a) Mango    (b) Strawberry    (c) Orange    (d) Apple

  5. Which is the National Tree of India
  6. (a) Mango tree    (b) Neem tree    (c) Apple tree    (d) Banyan tree

  7. Name the National River of India?
  8. (a) Ganga    (b) Yamuna    (c) Saraswati    (d) Sindhu

  9. Which is our National Flower
  10. (a) Rose    (b) Lily    (c) Marigold    (d) Lotus

  11. Name the National Animal of India.
  12. (a) Tiger    (b) Lion    (c) Elephant    (d) Horse

  13. Which is the National Bird of our country (India)?
  14. (a) Parrot    (b) Peacock    (c) Pigeon    (d) Sparrow

  15. Name the National Aquatic Animal of India.
  16. (a) Whale    (b) Fish    (c) Dolphin    (d) Turtle

  17. Which is the National Song of India?
  18. (a) Jana Gana Mana    (b) Sare Jahanse Achcha    (c) Vande Mataram    (d) Hum Honge Kamyab

  19. Which is our National Anthem?
  20. (a) Jana Gana Mana    (b) Sare Jahanse Achcha    (c) Vande Mataram    (d) Hum Honge Kamyab

  21. How many colors are there in our National Flag?
  22. (a) 3     (b) 5     (c) 6     (d) 10

  23. How many main seasons are there in India?
  24. (a) 2     (b) 3     (c) 4     (d) 5

  25. When do we celebrate our Independence Day?
  26. (a) 15th August    (b) 26th January    (c) 14th November    (d) 5th September

  27. On which date India celebrates her Republic Day?
  28. (a) 26th January    (b) 15th August    (c) 2nd October    (d) 30th January

  29. Who is the Father of our Nation?
  30. (a) Chacha Nehru    (b) Mahatma Gandhi    (c) Subash Chandra Bose     (d) Indira Gandhi

  31. Name the capital of India?
  32. (a) Kolkatta     (b) Mumbai     (c) Chennai     (d) New Delhi

  33. Whose birthday is celebrated as Children's Day in India?
  34. (a) Mahatma Gandhi    (b) Indira Gandhi     (c) Subash Chandra Bose    (d) Chacha Nehru

  35. When is Teacher's day celebrated in India?
  36. (a) 14th November    (b) 2nd October    (c) 5th September    (d) 1st January

  37. On which date do you celebrate Children's Day?
  38. (a) 1st January    (b) 14th November    (c) 5th September    (d) 2nd October

  39. Whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher's day in India?
  40. (a) Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan    (b) Chacha Nehru    (b) Mahatma Gandhi    (d) Indira Gandhi

  41. Which Hindu festival is popularly known as the 'Festival of Lights'?
  42. (a) Raksha Bandhan     (b) Eid     (c) Holi      (d) Deepavali

  43. Whose birthday is celebrated on the 'Janmashtami' day?
  44. (a) Ganesha     (b) Krishna      (c) Rama      (d) Hanuman

  45. When is Christmas celebrated?
  46. (a) 1st January     (b) 25th December     (c) 14th November     (d) 14th April

  47. When do we celebrate New Year's day?
  48. (a) 26th January     (b) 15th August     (c) 25th December     (d) 1st January

  49. Name the largest planet in our solar system.
  50. (a) Saturn     (b) Jupiter     (c) Venus     (d) Earth

  51. Which is the planet nearest (closest) to Sun?
  52. (a) Mercury     (b) Venus     (c) Earth     (d) Mars

  53. Name the natural satellite of Earth
  54. (a) Aryabhatta      (b) INSAT     (c) Moon      (d) AstroSat

  55. Whose birthday is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti?
  56. (a) Chacha Nehru    (b) Mahatma Gandhi    (c) Indira Gandhi     (d) Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

  57. When do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?
  58. (a) 14th November     (b) 15th August     (c) 2nd October     (d) 26th January

  59. Which Hindu God has an elephant's head?
  60. (a) Ganesha    (b) Hanuman    (c) Nandi    (d) Hayagriva