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Science Terms & Definitions

Reproduction: Reproduction is a biological process through which all the living organisms give rise to young ones or offspring that are similar to the parents. The process of reproduction enables the continuity of life of species from generation to generation.

Asexual Reproduction: The process of reproduction in which the offspring is produced by a single parent with or without the involvement of male gamete formation is called asexual reproduction.

Sexual Reproduction: The process of reproduction in which two parents of opposite sex are involved to produce offspring through the fusion of male and female gamete is called sexual reproduction.

Clone: Individuals produced from single parent which are genetically and morphologically similar.

Binary Fission: The method of reproduction in some single-celled organisms like amoeba, paramecium etc by which the cell divides into two equal halves is called binary fission. Each cell rapidly grows into an individual organism.

Zoospores: The special asexual reproductive structures which are microscopic and motile are called zoospores. Fungi and simple plants like algae reproduce through zoospores.

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