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DIY: How to do manicure at home

People are increasingly becoming health conscious these days and they have started giving much importance to even the minutest parts of the body which were not cared for in the olden days. A healthy body develops good looks, so also good looks of the body reflects a healthy body.

From hair to toe each part of the body should be taken care of and for enhancing your good looks, it is necessary to maintain personal care. Nails are one such minute part of the body which is one of the most neglected part. Most of the people do not pay much attention to nails due to hectic / busy life. But it is evident that nails reveal and reflect the health, beauty and personality of an individual. Untrimmed and un-groomed nails and hands hampers your looks and leaves an unhealthy impression of yours on others. 

A well groomed hands and nails speak a lot about your personality and most of the times you can judge the personality of an individual by looking at the shape and condition of the nails. So to present yourself well in the society, it is important to take care of your nails which is the least cared part of the body.

Hands and nails are the parts that are involved the most in many of the day to day activities. For doing any work, fingers of the hands are used and these continuously keep coming in contact with various objects. Hence taking care of hands, fingers and nails in particular which is called the manicure is very essential for maintaining personal hygiene.

You need not go to any spa or parlors and spend lot of bucks for trimming and maintenance of your nails but you can do it yourself by spending some extra time for yourself.  DIY manicure not only saves your money but also saves your time as well. In addition to a well presentation of yourself in the society, doing manicure at home is mainly important for preventing hang-nail (a small piece of torn skin beside the nails) formation and thereby avoiding any damage caused to the nails like splitting of nails, tearing of nails or fragile nail tips etc.  Manicure even helps in preventing the skin on your fingers from getting wrinkled and thus helps in toning of the skin cells.

But unfortunately many of us do not give much importance to manicure though you look after your other body parts well. Actually, DIY manicure isn't that difficult if you understand and follow the simple tips of doing manicure yourself at home. Before getting into the simple steps involved in DIY manicure, let's list out the manicure implements required. All you need to have for DIY manicure is either to get the manicure set or get a nail trimmer, a nail filer, cuticle pusher, hand scrubber, nail brush, acetone, hand soak, oil / cream, warm water, antiseptic lotion and nail polish.
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Once you are ready with your manicure set of tools, you can start the simple steps one by one:

Step 1 - Soak you hands

  • The first thing you need to do is to remove the polish / paint from your nails if any using a nail polish remover. And then wash you fingers / nails with ordinary tap water. You can even use cotton ball dipped in acetone for removing the old polish / paint from the nails and then clean your nails with wet cotton balls.
  • Now select a comfortable place in your home and place a small tub / tray full of warm water for a hand soak. You can add little hand wash or even face wash or regular body wash to the water in the tray and then bubble the water gently with your fingers. 
  • For a soft and refreshing skin you can use home-made hand soak by mixing few drops of lime juice and honey to the water in the tub and then soak your palms / fingers in it.
  • For getting strong nails, you can make a hand soak by adding egg white and little milk / creme to the warm water and then soaking your palms / fingers for around 10 minutes in this hand soak. 
  • Keep your palms dipped in the hand soak for nearly 10-15 minutes which gives you great relaxed and refresh feeling. 
  • Now remove your hands from the water and gently wipe the hands with a soft napkin / towel or cotton balls. 

Step 2 - Soften the cuticles

  • After the nails are dry, soften the nails and cuticles either with olive oil or with a cuticle softener so that you can easily push your cuticles. You can also use pure coconut oil or almond oil for the purpose.
  • If necessary you can use warm coconut oil for softening your cuticles.

Step 3 - Trim and shape your nails

  • Hand soak and cuticle softeners make the nails softer. So now you can trim or shape your nails. Trimming and shaping nails is purely a personal choice and you can shape and size your nails as per your choice.
  • Once you are done with the shaping and sizing of your nails, do not forget to use nail file for filing your nails to give a proper shape to your trimmed nails and remove the unwanted some projections from the nails which keep irritating you. While filing your nails, keep doing it in one direction only to avoid the split of nails. Do not rub the file to and fro on the nails but keep moving the file in a single direction on your nails.

Step 4 - Push the cuticles

  • By the time you trim and file your nails, your cuticles might have become soft enough to be pushed.
  • Now you can take the cuticle pusher and using the blunt flat end of this tool, gently push your cuticles back to get a presentable shape for your nails / fingers. Avoid cutting / nipping of the cuticles but just push it back gently.

Step 5 - Scrub the hands

  • After cuticle pushing, you need to use a hand scrubber and gently scrub over your nails / hand. This would not only help in cleaning the nails but also helps in removing the dead cells, if any,  from the skin and gives a fresh look to your skin.
  • Scrub over the nails, on the underside of the nails and also between the nails with the bristles of the scrubber. 

Step 6 - Massage your hands

  • By following step 5, you are almost done with your DIY manicure and now you need to gently massage your hands and fingers. 
  • For massaging your hands you can do an oil massage with olive oil / almond oil / coconut oil. You need to apply the oil on your palms and gently rub over in circular motions. You can do this till you feel the softness of your skin. 
  • For a refreshing / soothing feeling, you can use you can use any of your favorite aroma oil or you can even use rose water.
  • You can also use a mixture of honey and lime juice for massaging to get a glow on the skin.
  • Massaging your hands helps in increasing the blood circulation and helps in the flexible movement of hands.

Step 7 - Hand wash

  • Now you are almost done with your DIY manicure. All you need to do after massaging is wash you hands with running water.
  • You can use liquid soap or hand wash for the same and clean you hands. 
  • You can even use home-based natural products like a paste of gram flour mixed in yogurt or sandal paste or multani mitti (fuller earth) which is a better option.
  • After thoroughly washing and cleaning, gently wipe your hands and nails with a soft towel or cotton balls whichever you feel comfortable.

Step 8 - Color your nails

  • With step 7, you are done with your DIY (Do It Yourself) manicure. If you wish you can leave your nails without coloring which is purely a personal choice.
  • If you want to color, you can color your nails after step 7. You can apply a single coat or two coats as per your choice.
You are done with your manicure at home. You can see your well groomed nails shining healthily which enhances your personality and beauty.

A better option: at bed time, you can rub your nails / hands with any of the soothing / fragrant oils like almond oil for a couple of minutes which gives relaxation feeling and also helps in de-stressing.

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