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How to develop the habit of reading in children?

Is your child not showing interest in book reading? Are you a worried parent trying to inculcate the same in your child? Go through the useful tips given below for developing the habit of reading in your child.

The present generation children in India are gradually losing the habit of reading / book reading. They are no more showing interest in reading books and this might affect their academics as well. It is possible to inculcate and develop book reading habit in children. As a parent all you need is little patience and involvement. Children love to imitate their parents, so as a parent you need to show much interest in reading books and enjoy your book reading. The child is sure to see and imitate you. 

Why children these days are disinterested in reading books?

These days, there are too many things available for the children that are carrying them away and away from book reading. Some of these include too many TV channels for children, video / electronic games etc. The present generation children are getting addicted to TV viewing / video games. These smart gadgets making the children smart but on the other hand these are making them lethargic and disinterested in book reading. 

In addition to this, in most of the schools in India, children have to take home much of work. They are given much of imposition than the productive home works. Such a repeated and continuous writing is making them feel drained off and their little minds need some relaxation from the routine writing. Naturally, they are getting some kind of relaxation to the mind by watching TV or playing video games.

Well, reading is a skill which has to be developed in the children which is very useful in enhancing their knowledge. So, it is you the parents who need to spend some of your precious time on your children and try to create interest in reading in your child.
Children as per their nature they just do things as per their interest. If they find something interesting, they do it, if they are not interested in a certain thing, then they refuse to do it. Generally most of the children are disinterested in reading. As a parent what you have to do for creating interest in your child in book reading:
  • As children / toddlers are fascinated towards colorful things / pictures, so as a first step you can give them books with colorful and interesting pictures and less of text, So that this would attraction their attention towards books. In the beginning stages you need to sit with your child and either you read the book for him / her or make him / her read.
  • While you read books to them let this be done in a play way method with actions, songs and dances if necessary so that this will create much interest in them in reading and they start enjoying it too
  • Most of the children / toddlers generally try to imitate the actions of their parents, so you can take advantage of this and show much interest in reading children's books so that they too will start showing interest in reading books.
  • As parents you should slowly discourage your child from viewing TVs or playing video games for which you need to set an example to them by showing your disinterest in watching TV. As a parent if you are much addicted to TV, then naturally the children too imitate their parents and get glued to TV shows. So fist you need to have a control over your viewing TV and thereby you can slowly reduce the TV viewing of your child
  • In addition to these, slowly tell the importance and benefits of book reading to your child and keep appreciating their work even if they happen to read a book for 5 minutes. In the beginning even if they read books hardly for few minutes, do not shout at them but keep appreciating and encourage them to read more and more. 
  • Appreciation even for small things really works wonders with kids. They feel very happy when they get such appreciations from their parents and thus they are prompted to do more such activities to get much more appreciation from their parents.. 
  • If necessary you just sit with your child for sometime and keep encouraging him / her to read and in case your child comes across certain difficult word , immediately help him / her and explain the meaning of the word with good number of examples that they come across in their day to day life.
  • And slowly teach them the use of dictionary as well to find out the meanings of difficult words of their own
By following these simple techniques, your child will slowly develop interest in reading books and once he / she is habituated to reading, then you can see that your child improves a lot in his / her school curriculum and also improves his / her communication and writing skills in English. However, you need to remember that this cannot be achieved overnight but it is a long journey and takes some time. The only thing you need to do is to spend some of your precious time with your kids, have a lot of patience and be positive in your thinking..