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Sale of Tickets for New Delhi Republic Day Parade and Beating the Retreat 2020

Updated on Jan 17, 2020
Republic Day parade at Rajpath in New Delhi is the most awaited and the grandest event of the year which is worth watching. Almost all the TV channels across the country telecast the event live. People can watch the parade live online at However, many want to enjoy watching the parade directly at the venue.

In view of facilitating the public to witness and enjoy the parade at Rajpath in New Delhi on January 26 and also Beating the Retreat Ceremony at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi, the Govt of India announces the date and commence the sale of tickets for these two grand events few days before the events.

Those who happen to know senior govt officials or any VIP in New Delhi, they can obtain front row VIP passes from them. Otherwise tickets for the event can be bought from various outlets from January 7 to January 25.

Sale of tickets for Republic Day Parade and Beating the Retreat (Full Dress Rehearsal) has commenced from January 7th, 2020.

Tickets for Republic Day Parade 2020

  • Rs.500/- for reserved seats for booking from ticket counters (For Indian citizens). Reserved seats are located close to the main stage where the events take place.
  • Rs.100/- for unreserved seats for all eligible ones.
  • Rs.20/- for students booking unreserved seats offline.

Tickets for Beating the Retreat (Full Dress Rehearsal)

  • Rs.50/- and Rs.20/-. No reserved seats for this ceremonial event.

Location of ticket sale counters

  • North Block Round About
  • Sena Bhavan Gate 2
  • Pragati Maidan Gate 1
  • Jantar Mantar Main Gate
  • Shastri Bhavan Near Gate 3
  • Jamnagar House - Opposite India Gate
  • Red Fort - inside August 15 park and opposite Jain temple
  • Parliament House (reception office) - special counter for honorable MPs.

Date and timings

Jan 7th to 25th (for Republic Day Parade & Beating the Retreat) and Jan 27th (for Beating the Retreat) - morning 10.00 a.m to afternoon 12.30 p.m and afternoon from 2 p.m to 4.30 p.m.

Jan 28th (for Beating the Retreat) - morning 10 a.m to afternoon 12.30 p.m and afternoon 2 p.m to 5 p.m.

Note: From Jan 23rd to Jan 25th, one ticket counter will remain open till 7 p.m at Sena Bhawan.

On Jan 23rd all ticket counters will open only in the afternoon due to full dress rehearsal.

All ticket counters will remain closed on Jan 26th i.e. on Republic Day.

Important tips for attending the Parade

  • Do not carry your mobile phones, cameras and any other electronic device as these are strictly not allowed.
  • You should try to arrive at the venue as early as possible as the entire area gets too crowded and very congested when the VIPs start coming to this place.
  • Please note that all the entrances will be closed before the National Anthem starts.
  • And there will be a very strict security check as well.
  • You need not spend extra money for getting the reserved tickets as you will get a much better spot or place near the stage and car parking.
  • On this day the morning weather in New Delhi would be mostly chilly and foggy, so get enough of woolen garments or a leather jacket and a cap.

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