Thank you for peeping into Vedas Resources - My Personal Blog where I keep posting my favorite things.

www.chivukulas.com with the blog title Vedas Resources is started by me (Sobha Kalyani Chivukula). During my stay in the U.S, my Telugu / Tamil / Kannada friends used to keep asking me questions like 'how to celebrate this festival?', 'What is the list of items for so and so pooja? and other such questions on  Hindu festivals.  Whatever knowledge I have on Hindu festivals, I used to share it with them and helped them.

Thus, I started this simple blog with the aim of reaching out to those Indians / Hindus especially Telugu people across the globe and help them in their strive for preserving rich Hindu culture and tradition.

Initially, I started the blog with the domain names VedasHinduBlog, but later on I didn't find it good and then shifted to Vedas Resources. I find great interest in writing 'this' and 'that'. My blog is not confined to any specific topic / niche but I literally post everything in my blog. Hence you can find a wide range of topics here right from My Travelogue to Music, from DIY craft to 'How To' articles.

Basically I am an educationist, so I started publishing simple and easily understandable educational articles and later started publishing CBSE Notes in view of helping the students particularly school students in India in their learning process. I value our Indian traditions and culture. So in view of conserving our rich family / ethical / moral values and inculcating these value in our younger generation, I have even started publishing our age old Indian stories for children.

The blog mainly aims at the revival and preservation of the age old traditions and culture of India with special emphasis on the Telugu culture which is at the verge of fading.and with a special focus on the importance of natural and eco-friendly practices which are safer for the self and the society.