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UKG Project: Model of animals and their homes

A simple and easy to make project for UKG children. It is a model of animals and their homes. The model was made by my daughter with my help, last year, when she was in UKG. 

Use a thermocol for the base. If you wish you can paint on it with brown and green for a natural look. Or you can stick paper-made grass on the thermocol with fevi-glue. Using colored cardboard, make small models of the homes of animals like a small shed for cow, stable for horse,  kennel for dog etc. Stick these on the thermocol base and place i.e stick small toy animals either in front of or inside their homes. For the cave of lion, you can use empty coconut shell and paint it in black or dark brown for a natural look.
Place / stick paper made trees at desired places to enhance the look of the model. Write the names of the homes of animals on small sign boards and stick these in front of their homes. You can use ice-cream sticks for the boundary line for a better presentation but this is not necessary.

That's it. A small nice model of animals and their homes is ready as a UKG project.

Posting this to facilitate the parents who make a web search to help their kids in doing their school projects.

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