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Free Printable Worksheets for UKG and Std 1

Practice makes a man perfect. So, here is a collection of printable worksheets for UKG and Std 1 children for a fun filled learning experience. These worksheets contain unsolved exercises to help the children in practicing what they have learnt in the school. Following are the worksheets on:


Identify the picture and make sentences using 'this' or 'that'

Identify the picture and make sentence with 'this' or 'these'

Identify the picture and answer the question

Look at the picture and fill in the blank with action word

English Grammar - Look at the picture and fill in the blank with correct preposition


Count and write the number

Before and After Numbers



Name the domestic animal

Name the wild animal

Identify the picture and name the fruit

Match the National Symbols of India

Image courtesy for the pictures in the worksheets: Mostly from the clip art and a couple from Google Images.



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