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Nokia Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 now available in the Indian market

Nokia which is one of the world's leading brands of smartphones has launched and added two more series 625 and 925 to its Lumia family. Lumia 625 is the big screen slim smartphone with Pure View Camera and the starting price of this smartphone is Rs.19,999/-. This is available in different colors of black, white, orange, yellow and green.

Lumia 625

Some of the key features of this smartphone include 4G network connectivity with a 4.7" big display screen which provides much space for watching videos, browsing, playing games and also for using the apps. The Movies App gives you free access to more than 3000 movies and you also enjoy music with the free access to over 90 lakh songs from Nokia Music, 3G internet for 3 months, free Ozone WiFi and many more benefits that worth Rs.16,082.

Lumia 925

The price of this model starts from Rs.33,499/- and the premium features of the model include 8.7 Megapixel PureView camera with six Carl Zeiss lenses which gives spectacular sharp images in low-light. It has slim, aluminium light weight body with a 4.5 inch HD+ display. 


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