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How to maintain a cordial relationship in the society

Maintaining a cordial relationship with the members of the society is important for man for a healthy and happy living. As known, man is a social animal and cannot in isolation. From early education man learns about the community helpers.

Due to his dependent nature, it is essential for man to maintain a healthy and cordial relationship with the society. This helps him to live happily with peaceful co-existence. There are different relationships in the society which include parent-child relationship, teacher-student, husband-wife, employer-employee, master-servant etc.

Importance of maintaining relationship

You might be wondering what is the importance of maintaining a good relationship in the society. What is the need for it. It is evident that man grows and develop and achieve various things in life only when he maintains a healthy / cordial relationship with the members of the society. So, for self-development it is important to maintain healthy relationship.

One who maintains healthy relationship with others, readily gets emotional / moral support from the people in his circle, when he needs support. So also, he can readily get financial and physical support from others when he really needs these. Thus, it makes him feel at ease and less burdened when the people in his circle share the responsibilities. There upon man can enjoy maximum benefits on maintaining a cordial relationship. 

How to maintain a cordial / healthy relationship

There are several benefits of maintaining a cordial relationship with the members of the society, so man needs to know how to maintain a good relationship with others. Find the following ways:
  • Effective communication is one of the most important factors for maintaining a healthy relationship. Besides being a good orator / speaker, you need to be a good listener too. Talk to others in an effective way. So also listen to others without getting bored. Try to be an active listener than a good speaker.

  • A positive approach is very essential for maintain a healthy relationship. A positive thinking develops positive approach which helps in maintaining a good relationship in the society.

  • Conveying the right message This is very important as many a times mis-communications lead to misunderstandings which result in breaking the relationships. Hence conveying the right message in the right way is highly important for maintaining a good relationship.

  • Be a patient listener: Try to improve your listening skills and be an active / patient listener as this would make others feel great.

  • Talk politely: This will have a great positive impact on the members of the society and a person who talks politely with others is mostly liked by all and people like to make friendship with such persons. Develop the habit of talking politely and try to show much care and concern for others.

  • Give and take respect:: Always try to understand and respect the views / ideas / opinions of others and if possible try to value and appreciate their ideas / views. Similarly try to treat others the way you expect them to treat you.
By following some of these simple ways of maintaining relationship, man can establish a healthy and good relationship in the society and thereby maintain it in order to lead a peaceful, happy, healthy and harmonious life.


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